The chestnut tree

Mild and humid climate of Galicia (Spanish region where is located Alibos Galicia S.L. factory), is very suitable for the chestnut tree growing (Castanea sativa Mill.). An evidence of this is that most of chestnuts trees in Spain are in Galicia and the Northwest area.

It is a tree of rapid growth that can reach 35 m of altitude, with big and rounded tops, and thick trunks that can reach considerable diameters. It has lancelet leaves with serrated edges, that fall off in autumn. Its fruits, chestnuts, grow protected with a hard wrapper covered by spines, called hedgehog.

The chestnut show its importance in Galicia during its collection in autumn when the traditional "Magosto" is celebrated all over the country: neighbors meetings, families and friends around the fire to eat the roast chestnuts.