Products - The Chestnut

Because of our privileged location and due to our commitment to natural products, Alibos Galicia S.L. is one of the largest world producers of peeled and frozen chesnuts, exporting our products to the most important world markets where suculent products derived from chestnut are elaborated, such as: flour, purée, marron glacé, chestnuts canned in syrup, chestnuts canned in their own juice, ... all of which are delicacies of traditional cooking reinvented today as delicatessen products present in the best world cuisines.

The best quality chestnuts are received daily fom October to December in the Alibos installations, and subjected to the highest technological processes of selection, peeling, and deepfreezing; therefore obtaining a peeling and deepfrozen chestnut that maintains all its taste, texture and colour.

From our chestnuts, we also elaborate a fine natural deepfrozen puree without additives for canning or as a complement for delicious dishes.