The "Soutos" in Galicia

"O castiñeiro en Galicia é unha especie fundamental na economía rural, no paisaxe, na cultura popular e no medio ambiente."

95% of Spain's chestnut is harvested in Galicia This crop can be fully utilized since mature chestnuts are a great food for humans. Additionally, the spoiled chestnuts that are not suitable for human consumption serve as animal feed; the husks and shells are an excellent fuel, and the wood is highly valued. The production of chestnuts in Galicia is based on a traditional family economy. These are crops of traditional varieties spread across small areas of rural, forested, and mountainous zones. These plantations complement the economy of many Galician families and are characterized by the absence of treatments, resulting in almost wild production.

Alibos Galicia SL

The importance of chestnuts in Galicia is evident in the autumn, during the fruit harvest when traditional "magostos" celebrations are held throughout the country: gatherings of neighbors, family, and friends around a fire to enjoy roasted chestnuts.

We emphasize the value of maintaining these traditions, as well as cultural activities, dissemination, and awareness-raising, which contribute especially to the conservation of our chestnuts and groves and highlight Galicia's cultural and natural heritage. For our part, we have started new plantations and the recovery of old groves in Galicia more than 10 years ago, with the aim of contributing to sustainable rural development and the conservation of the biodiversity of our forests, while ensuring our customers a product of unbeatable quality and origin guarantee. To achieve this, we use disease-resistant patterns, irrigation, selected varieties with high yields, single-variety plantations, mechanical harvesting whenever possible, and the necessary cultural care to guarantee the best quality fruit and peeling performance.

Alibos Galicia SL