We process the chestnut carefully, safely, and completely naturally, obtaining a completely peeled, raw, and ultra-frozen chestnut that we export to the most important international markets.

In them, derivative products of the chestnut are elaborated: flour, puree, marron glacé, canned in syrup, canned in natural...

Peeled Ultra-Frozen Chestnut

Alibos Galicia SL - Productos
Alibos Galicia SL - Productos



The chestnuts we care for are certified in organic production, ensuring that we do not use synthetic chemical products and that we carry out a harvest and post-treatment that is respectful of the ecosystem and without depleting resources. We also buy organic chestnuts, currently representing 15% of our processed product.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Galician chestnuts come from the selection made over centuries by farmers to improve their quality and productivity, and stand out for their unique qualities compared to chestnuts from other regions. That is why they are protected by the Protected Geographical Indication, Chestnut of Galicia, under whose protection we produce the chestnuts from our soutos.

Quality and Food Safety

Our certifications according to the IFS Food and BRCGS Food Safety standards demonstrate our firm commitment to the highest level of Quality and Food Safety, as well as a clear focus on the manufacture of safe and quality products, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Nutritional Value

Our peeled and ultrafrozen chestnut has excellent nutritional properties, and the following nutritional claims can be declared based on our own analysis: Its composition is beneficial for the care of our health.

  • Low fat content
  • Low saturated fat content
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars
  • High fiber content
  • Source of vitamin C
  • Source of potassium
  • High magnesium content
  • Source of copper